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Motor Soft Starter(22KW)

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Brand Name:
Ningbo or Shanghai
Model Number:
Electricity Type:
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China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: HANADA or OEM
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • Model Number: HJR2
  • Electricity Type: AC
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Unit/Units
  • Number of Pole: 3
  • Phase: 3
  • Main Circuit Rating Voltage: 380v
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Unit/Units per Month


Application to Water pump,Ball mill,Fan,Compressor,Crusher and Conveying Machinery.

Water pump:
 with the help of water pump's control function to reduce the water- hammering phenomenon when switching on and cutting off, and save the cost of system maintenance.
Ball Mill: by means of double slopes voltage starting to reduce the abrasion of gear torque and the maintenance workload, economize time and save cost
Fan: soft starter replaced the traditional starter to reduce strap fretting and machine impact, save the cost of maintenance
Compressor: make use of the current limiting starting or double slopes starting to realize smooth starting, reduce motor heating to lengthen its service life
Crusher: make use of locked rotor and swift protection to avoid mechanical failure or block, which will cause electromotor superheating to result in burning.
Conveying Machinery: running by soft starting and presetting at low speed to realize the smooth and gradual superconducting overall process and avoid the replacement of products and liquid spilling.

1.Adopt 16 Single Chip Micyoco digital automation automation control
2.The mode of connection is three input and six output, all series on line protaction will come ture.
3.The main component is from Japan and the brand of CPU is philip.
4.Based on the different load we can set different current and voltage time of start torque ,then we can get the best current pulse and the characteristic of the torque.
5.It can provide motor slip start progress, Reduce the starting current on the impact of power grid. Reducing vibration and noise of equipment . Extended the life span of mechanical transmission, and improved working environment for artificial.
6.Starting current can be adjusted based on different load. Reduce the loss of start and to get the best torque based on the smallest current.
7.Has different kinds of protection,such as over current ,over load and lin input phase loss,to insure the safety of the equipment and motor.
8.They’doutput of the soft-start will be increased based on the setting the law, So controlled in accordance with the superior optimization of motor speed up the curve to complete the boot process.
9.A convenient external control interface has multi-function: Digital Delay Start Control, Soft stop control input, Start delay relay output, Fault relay output.
10.Automatic identification of phase sequence and phase sequence protection with themselves
11.Are free to stop and soft-stop adjustable soft stop time
12.All-digital set and external control functions greatly facilitate the user.
13.Standard RS232/RS485 Communication (Reserved)
14.Product novel structural properties of small size and easy to use and reliable operation of the installation.


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